Client Gratitude

K.B. (North Vancouver, Canada)

I met Kristin at the lowest time of my life.

I had been to three other counsellors and received no help and it seemed hopeless that counselling was going to help me. Kristin helped me immensely at coping skills and brought me out of the downward spiral. She helped me get through and deal with my anxiety. She didn’t just listen but gave me so many tools to help with my anxiety that I to this day use whenever I have moments of anxiety and it helps me get through it.

She has been the best counsellor I’ve ever had.

Thanks to her I feel in control of my life again.

M.C. (North Vancouver, Canada)

After harboring a lot of difficult emotions over the past eight years, I didn’t think it would be possible for me to open up to someone or even consider the process of healing.

After just the first session with Kristin I felt lighter. She validated my feelings while at the same time allowed me to see myself from the outside. Within the sessions she unveiled my strengths, gave me confidence and reminded me to have an open heart in ways I didn’t think were possible. Her guidance has given me a whole new perspective on myself as well as the people I love.

I am truly grateful to Kristin for everything and have taken her advice into my future as my life unfolds.  Thank you!!!

S.S. (London, England)

Kristin has an amazing gift to not only get to the root of issues fast, but to provide insight and actionable steps to overcoming internal blocks to achieving your dreams. In less than 2 months of working with her, I already feel like I’ve made more progress than I have in years of therapy in terms of uncovering my own blocks to love and success. In our brief consultation session I felt she instantly understood me, and each session we have leaves me feeling supported and inspired. Kristin also goes above and beyond, sending helpful links and videos in between sessions that she knows will provide additional guidance. I feel so grateful that she has come into my life at a time when I needed a teacher, coach and friend to help guide me on my journey. I can’t recommend this beautiful soul enough.

L.G. (Brighton, England)

I’ve had a fair few therapist over the years and none I have connected with like I have Kristin, Her approach to therapy and spiritual guidance has helped me tremendously, I look forward to our sessions as I always come out of them with such a clear head. She’s helped me unlock some very positive things about myself and use them in my everyday life to continue to empower myself, others and move through my traumas and grief. She also did an incredible soul plan for me, which I would highly recommend. I’m so happy I found her.

P.L. (Denver, Colorado)

Kristin’s offering is magical! The Soul plan she provides is unique, informative, AND complemented by her innate talent to add insights around the reveal, making it feel very personal.

Working with Kristin is nothing short of inspirational. I believe she is one of the walking angels providing a genuine gift to those who welcome it.
Highest recommendation!

S.C. (Brighton, England)

Kristin is kind, wise, understanding, knowledgeable, and unbelievably skilled. I get so much from my sessions, on so many different levels; and find logic, sense and reason where none existed before. She is wonderfully inspirational, and has helped me begin to unpick trauma so vast and old I assumed it was mine to bear in perpetuity.

A.N. (St. Catherine’s, Canada)

I began seeing Kristin a couple of years ago after going through a very dark and difficult abusive relationship.  I instantly felt comfortable with her.

Kristin has this amazing ability to make you feel like you are the greatest person in the world.  I couldn’t see myself in that way at the time but she was able to talk to me in a way that made me start to believe in myself again.

I can honestly say that my time spent in her office was a pivotal turning point in my life.  My life has completely shifted in the best way possible since connecting with Kristin.  She was constantly reminding me of my progress which really helped me to feel confident in myself again.  She was my biggest supporter and cheerleader.

I am so grateful to have met her and absorb all of her wisdom and knowledge.  She is one of a kind and an incredible human being.

S.M. (Brighton, England)

Kristin is truly one of a kind. Having previously explored many different avenues in healing and coming to the conclusion there was no-one that could help me – she has totally restored my faith in therapy as well as completely changing my perspective and opening my eyes to new and positive ways of dealing with life’s curve balls. She’s caring, wise, goes above and beyond and without doubt, is changing my life for the better.

J.N. (Squamish, Canada)

Reaffirmation of self.

The last year had been very trying for myself both personally and professionally. I had increasingly more and more feelings of doubt and insecurity start to manifest and it was unusual given my confident self. I needed help.

Kristin did my Soul Plan Reading and wow. Mind blown. It was like being given a road map of “who you are”. The first time I read it I got goosebumps and immediately sent it to my mom.

When I feel lost or frustrated I often refer to my Soul Plan for guidance. You get incredible insight to both your worldly and spiritual self and the talents, challenges and goals attached to them.  It’s been an invaluable tool.

E.C. (Brighton, England)

I cannot recommend Kristin highly enough. She really is a fantastic life coach and I love her integration of spirituality. She is completely non-judgmental and very down to earth. As an empowered woman myself, I really felt like Kristin ‘got me’. The soul plan reading she did was super helpful for discovering my overall life purpose, while also identifying potential obstacles. Kristin explains things so logically with such sound reasoning, it makes you wonder how it wasn’t obvious before. She really is inspirational, kind and wise beyond her years.

B.B. (Brighton, England)

I found Kristin early this year when I felt I was stuck in my life and my own thoughts. After the very first session with her I felt I found what I was looking for. Someone who is truly listening and giving many many practical guidance and food for thought. My journey has not finished yet but I feel I could dissolve some of my fears with her which forever changed my thinking. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristin to anyone who is stuck in their lives and searching for some light.

E.M. (Edmonton, Canada)

Thank you Kristin for a most wonderful Soul Plan and coaching! The information that came up was spot on. Since receiving my Soul Plan from you, I have not only had significant realizations regarding my path and how I navigate it, but also, since then there have been significant shifts in my life that have occurred as well. This is wonderfully deep work which has helped me become even more aware of how my personal talents, challenges, goals and destiny weave together to create the highest path that my Soul wants to experience through me at this time on the planet. Thanks to this information and realizations I can tell I will be experiencing more beautiful, timely and divinely guided guidance on my path going forward.

I.J. (Brighton, England)

I was very nervous when I first started looking for a therapist. I’d heard horror stories of people having really awful experiences with judgmental, harsh and quite frankly bad therapists. But as soon as Kristin opened the door and sat me down I instantly felt so safe, protected and hopeful. She was exactly the person I had hoped finding. She is so gentle and helpful in making you understand more of yourself and uncovering things you just couldn’t realise on your own. She asks exactly the right questions and I always leave feeling so much more positive, even if I have cried my eyes out for the entire session. She acknowledges what you’ve been through and reflects it back really wonderfully and as well she helps with moving you forward so that you don’t find yourself in that position again. I would pay a million pounds per session and that still wouldn’t be equal to the help she gives!

If anyone is considering looking into therapy I would highly recommend Kristin a thousand times over!

She is a true gift and I am so grateful for her doing what she is doing!

M.N. (Brighton, England)

I’ve had counselling before but never have I met someone so intuitive, knowledgeable and REAL as Kristin. I feel at ease, supported and uplifted during and following our sessions and I look forward to every session, because I know I’m going to learn so much more. Kristin deserves all the kind words and gratitude I can offer as her work is profoundly transformative.

J.B. (Surrey, Canada)

I was feeling stagnant and lacking focus in my life. Kristin did a soul plan for me. It gave me insight on my blocks, challenges and provided me the direction I needed. I am so thankful for her, that she was there for me in a very difficult time of my life. She truly is an amazing soul with so much to offer. Thank you for all your guidance. You are definitely an inspiration!!

J.F. (Brighton, England)

After going through the process of finding a therapist, I have finally found the right one in Kristin, after 4 previous counsellors. She is honest in her opinion and naturally makes you feel at ease with her warm, friendly face. I’ve come a long way already, but know I’ll be able to make the rest of the way with her help. Thank you.

D.D. (North Vancouver, Canada)

Kristin is the only counselor I’ve talked to who feels human. Usually it feels like someone is telling you what to think rather than how you can change the way you think, and it really has changed my life. Can’t really put into words how helpful she has been!

H.J. (North Vancouver, Canada)

Kristin and her method/style works really well for me. I’ve had counsellors before who told me what I should be feeling or thinking, but Kristin is helping me to (let’s see if I can get the terminology correct) dismantle my belief systems and reframe my thinking so that I can actually feel the things myself instead of trying to believe what others tell me I should be feeling and believing. It’s hard work, but worth it!

B.B. (Woking, England)

Kristin’s soul plan reading for me was unbelievably insightful. It confirmed some of my thoughts and feelings about my life, helped me realize aspects of myself that can cause me to struggle and provided me with great inspiration to continue working towards my purpose in life.

Kristin is extremely gifted, intuitive, warm, friendly and intelligent.

L.J. (Morfa Bychan, Wales)

Kristin is a fabulous person, someone you can talk to and trust. So understanding. Kristin sent me my soul plan reading, and when I looked at it I thought that she had the wrong person, but when she actually went through it with me, I was stunned, as everything that I had read originally, was in fact, really me. She doesn’t get it wrong.

Kristin is really good at what she does, I would definitely recommend her!

S.B. (Surrey, Canada)

Kristin first started counselling me over 10 years ago and I am privileged to have had her positive influence in my life since then. She is not only well practiced but gifted in her ability to guide others on their emotional journeys. Kristin has always been able to provide insight and help for me, no matter what the need was, I highly recommend her services!