Soul Plan

A Soul Plan is an interpretive system of life purpose analysis based upon the Sefer Yetzirah, which roughly means “The Book of Formation”.

The Sefer Yetzirah is an ancient Hebrew text which contains an extended analysis of divine creation and gematria, a numerological system by which Hebrew letters correspond to numbers.

In Hebrew, every letter is given a numerical value and those values can be added up to achieve the numerical value of a word or name.

The Soul Plan system is a modern interpretation of the ancient Hebrew gematria and recognizes that each letter in Hebrew also has a corresponding vibration and sound. Therefore, every word and name has a meaning that extends far beyond a superficially random arrangement of letters.

how it works:

Since your birth name was the original intention that was given to you in this life, the vibration of your name actually contains significant information regarding your purpose and potential as a physical and spiritual being. Along with the accompanying cultural, geographical, biological and astrological conditions that influence your experience, the name you were born into actually has a very important role to play in understanding who you are as a soul.

The process of examining your Soul Plan can be highly valuable for a number of reasons. Ultimately, your Soul Plan will help to reveal significant information regarding your overall life purpose and highest potential (your ‘soul destiny’). In addition, your Soul Plan contains useful information relevant to the talents, goals and challenges that you may have in both the worldly and spiritual domains of your life. A Soul Plan reading can be instrumental in helping you understand how your inherent talents may be used to overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

A Soul Plan can essentially be understood as an underlying blueprint that was created to help you grow and evolve into a heightened state of awareness. Of course as human beings, we also have free will, and thus we ultimately have choice in how we navigate, achieve and fulfil our higher purpose. A Soul Plan reading will help you to tap into the influences that you may not otherwise fully “remember” with the conscious mind, and thus you will be better equipped to live your best possible life.

Clients will receive:

1) a detailed written copy of their Soul Plan

2) a 60 minute spiritual coaching session and Soul Plan review

Sessions held at your convenience online.

(international rates may vary)